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Jay Kaskie - Attorney at Law

Affordable, Experienced Legal Representation with an office Port Aransas

Available by appointment in Port Aransas, Texas

Attorney Jay Kaskie is a Coastal Bend based attorney serving the greater Corpus Christi area with a specific focus on serving the public in Aransas County, San Patricio County, and Nueces County and the cities of Rockport-Fulton, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Portland, Port Aransas & Corpus Christi.

With 38 years of Boardroom and Courtroom Trial experience in the State of Texas, clients receive a guiding hand when presented with unfamiliar legal issues and procedures; protections of legal interests and personal rights, solid interpretations, honest evaluations and recommendations for most issues confronted.

Clients also receive an efficient and experienced attorney active in lowering legal fees, down-to-earth communication, and a committed professional dedicated to providing peace of mind in troubling situations.

Initial consultations are free - no fees are collected until a solution is offered and hourly rates are lower than lawyers of similar abilities.


Toll Free 1-877-JKASKIE


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Jay Kaskie has been licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Texas since 1973.

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